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WELLNESS FX | Biomarker Diagnostics + Nutrition Consultations
You can only really improve what you can measure! Wellness FX utilizes a simple blood test to determine your biomarkers. In fact, 70% of the data needed for accurate health diagnosis and management is in our blood. And the good news is your blood cells regenerate every 120 days, so you can quickly measure significant improvement from fitness, lifestyle, and nutritional changes. What’s more, only WellnessFX combines extensive biomarker diagnostics with a personalized consultation with a registered dietitian, who will analyze your lab results, your answer questions, and offer you personalized recommendations.

  • Ideal for anyone looking to make significant lifestyle changes, allowing him or her to track their progress
  • Fee-based program; requires a blood test to analyze biomarkers
  • Available through the Nutrition Center in conjunction with the Club’s registered dietitian